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Preventing pests and diseases in trees


Healthy trees are good for the environment. The spread of pests and diseases in trees can be an indirect mode of desertification. This is because they may lead to the drying up or even death to trees. Nursery owners should be keen because newly planted trees are most likely to be attacked by pests. This pest feeds on tree barks disrupting the photosynthesis process which leads to drying up of trees.

Pests are known to have destroyed many large forests in the world. Millions of ash trees have been lost due to the damages caused by the emerald ash borer alone. One is advised to consider the vulnerability of attack by pests and diseases before planting trees. Research your area and get to learn the pests that thrive well there and that might be of danger to your trees. Some of those insects eat leaves of a tree leaving nothing green behind. Here are some of the preventive measures one should take to prevent the spread of pests and diseases in trees.


Regular inspection

Do not sit down and assume all is well from a far distance. Conduct regular trips to your nursery, orchard or tree garden and assess the healthiness of your trees. One should learn about the signs and symptoms of an unhealthy tree brought about by the effects of attacks by pests and diseases. Know the difference between good insects and bad insects. Some insects are there to feed on the pests out to cause damage to your trees.


002Use of pesticides

Application of pesticides to your trees can help prevent the spread of pests and diseases. This can be done in the form of spraying. Visit the right experts for advice on what might be ailing your trees and the right pesticide for them. Get chemicals that may not pose any danger to the trees or you. One should also understand the amount of pesticide that should be used for a particular spraying session and also the number of times it should be utilized.


Limited movements of firewood003

Moving firewood aimlessly may lead to the spread of pests and diseases in that one may carry infested wood to a place free from pests. Be careful on where you are picking your firewood from. You may consider your trees pest free but mess up by bringing pest-infested woods from another point which may attack your trees without your knowledge…

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