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Guide to buying cordless drills


Cordless drills are mandatory for simple repairs or fixing that is done by technicians. It should be part of the tools that a technician must have. They are useful especially for a person whose job requires them to move around. There are a number of cordless drills that are available in the market, for instance, the best Dewalt cordless drill. One needs to check the particular specifications that will fit the description of the job that they want to use it for. Here is a simple guide to buying cordless drills.

Buying cordless drills


Select one with brushless motors

Initially, all drills have motors that use brushes. However, there are new technological improvements that allow ford brushless motors that have higher efficiency. This is because there is no frictional contact between the brushes that cause them to wear out easily. A brushless motor has no contact and therefore produces more torque and power. This means that the motor also uses less power to produce the same torque.

Battery life

It is important to consider the battery life of the drill that you are buying before making the final decision. If the battery is lithium ion and produces up to twenty volts, then it is good enough. A good battery means that you will have an elongated operation time even in places where you might have difficulty recharging the battery. The lithium battery is slim and compact. This reduces the overall weight of the drill and makes operation easier.

Must have a heatsink

There are a number of cordless drills in the market that have different accessories attached to them. It is good to go for a drill that has a heat sink which is usually visible from the bottom side of the handle. The heat sink is important for absorption of excess heat when the drill is subjected to long operational hours. Overheating shortens the lifespan of the battery and also causes the drill to fail.

Design specifications

The best cordless drills are ones that are small in size and light in weight. This makes it easier for one to climb up the ladder with them and enable to work comfortably. A good drill should weigh less than four pounds. The small size also enables the operator to work efficiently in narrow corridors and places where space is squeezed.

Must have adjustable settings

If you are a contractor that works on jobs that require different specifications of torque and motor speeds, it is important that you purchase a drill that has adjustable settings. This will enable you to change the torque and speed depending on the job that you are doing. Some drills come with a chuck that allows you to change the drill bit depending on what you are required to do.

The accessories that accompany the drill

dvhdfufiudufuffufuBuying a drill is a long-term investment. This means that it needs to come with all the necessary accessories that are needed in drilling. This may include a set of drill bits for various drilling jobs. It can also be accompanied by a toolbox that will allow you to do minor repairs in case of a breakdown. It should also have a spare battery that one can use as they charge the original one.…

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