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Knowing the Basic Bong Types for The Most Satisfying Smoking Experience


Knowledge is the key to get the best, and it is true when it comes to smoking the herbs. Beginners will think that all bongs are created equal, but in reality, they are made to serve different purposes. One bong will give you a different smoking experience from another.

Here are the basic bong types that you should know.

The straight-tube

A straight-tube bong has the simplest design and is the easiest to use. Straight bong is for those who like to lit and hit quickly. It offers a light drag and average filtration.

Various materials can be made into a straight-tube bong. Ceramic, bamboo, glass, and plastic made bongs are on the market. But each has their unique flavor to offer.

The ceramic bong strongly resembles the glass bong. But it is more decorative and ornamental. However, ceramic bongs are notorious for its difficulty to clean.

The beaker-shaped

BudA beaker-shaped bong provides a bigger area for the water. But remember that too much water will only make the inhalation difficult. Fill the chamber with just enough water that reaches the downstem.

When choosing a beaker-shaped, pick for the one that is made of high-quality glass. For example is the Grav glass bongs. They are durable enough to use for years and do not get corroded easily.

The beaker-shaped allows you to experience smooth inhalation with a little more drag than the straight bong. But no straight-tube smokers will mind sharing herbs with the beaker-shaped users.

The round-shaped

mask highThe round-shaped is less stable and offers less space in the chamber than the beaker-shaped, but it is still preferable than the straight-tube.

To choose between a beaker-shaped or a round-shaped is just a matter of taste and comfort. Try your grip on either type and see which one is more comfortable to handle than the other.

The Multi-chambers

A multi-chamber bong is a straight tube with double smoke filtration. It gives you smoother smoking experience than the beaker-shaped and the round-shaped. But there is the attachable percolator on the market that can offer an extra water filtration in the chamber, which makes deciding between a multi-chamber or a beaker-shaped with percolator difficult.

Based on the users’ testimony, the smoothness of the smoke between the twos is more or less the same, but the drag is heavier when using the percolator. Therefore, choosing between the twos should depend on your lung capacity and which drag you can enjoy the most.…

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