Reasons to buy a full body pregnancy pillow


A full body pregnancy pillow is the best gift that you can give any pregnant mother. Pregnant women go through a lot of pain, and emotional stress and they need a comforting way to relax. Using a full body pillow is one of the best ways to relax after a long day. Due to the changes in body size and body shape, it might be very difficult to get sufficient sleep. At this point, a full body pillow is necessary to give you the restful sleep that you deserve. PharMeDoc Total Body pillow is the best full body pillow. Here are reasons to buy a full body pillow.

Advantages of a full body pregnancy pillow


One of the main advantages of using a full body pillow is for the sake of support. You need to get a good pillow that will keep all parts of the body support. In the third trimester, the pressure of the back becomes too much, and it is important to ease the pressure. One of the ways of easing pressure is by using a full body pillow. The full body pillow will offer you support in areas of the body that are causing the pressure.


Relieve pain

A full body pain is very important when it comes to easing the pain. Pregnancy comes with its pains, and you need to look for a way to relieve the pain. One of the ways of relieving pain is by relaxing the muscles. Relaxing muscles is a good way of naturally easing the pain. A good full body pillow relaxes different parts of the body like the back, shoulders and also feet. These are the parts of the body that are usually the source of pain for pregnant women.

Proper flow of blood

A good full body pillow encourages the proper flow of blood. Good flow of blood is important and especially during pregnancy. A good pillow will support the back and encourage the flow of blood to the feet. This is important because many women tend to experience swelling of feet in the last trimester. These are the complications that can be avoided just by choosing a good pillow.



Comfort is one of the most important things during pregnancy. It is important to have a good pillow that will provide you with the right comfort. When you experience comfort, you will be able to sleep well. Good sleep is very important for pregnant women and especially during the last trimester.…

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The best paying sports in the world


Professional modern day athletes are some of the highest paid people in the world. Take Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi for example, according to Forbes earned a combined total of over 100$ million dollars playing professional soccer! That’s a whopping amount.

Roger Federer, world renown tennis pro, raked in over 64$ million with his racket. What about the Conor McGregor Vs. Floyd “Money” Mayweather  Boxing fight? Did you know that their set to rake in over 400$ million from their professional boxing bout? It’s no secret that being a professional athlete can open doors to raking in a ton of cash, and setting oneself onto the path to riches and fame.

Well-paying sports careers

So, interested in the highest paying sports in the world or maybe you’re just kidding started on your athletic career and want to try out and become a pro? Well, don’t worry, you came to the right place to find out. Of the top ten best paying sports in the world, surprise surprise, cycling comes in at number 10.



New professional riders can look to earn around 80,000 dollars or more with those powerful legs. With professionals like Lance Armstrong pulling in a total of 28$ million in 2010. Followed by cycling we have baseball, with the average MLB salaries coming in at around 4$, and certain super stars like Alex Rodrigues earning over 26$ million, we aren’t surprised that Baseball is so popular in America.


American football

Now, what about the other super popular “All-American” sport of Football? Well, Tom Brady has been in it for years, earning himself over 30$, no wonder he still likes to play despite his age. Average NFL player salaries can reach 2.1$ million!

Ice hockey

If you are Russian, you have heard of Sergei Fedorov, this Ice Hockey player made over 28$ million maneuvering around the ice ring, with average NHL earnings being 2.9$ in 2015, hockey can pay pretty well if you have what it takes to play the hardcore sport.


What about Tennis? Well, the business world loves Tennis, and that it’s always paid well, just look at Federer.


We all know that soccer super stars like Ronaldo and Messi can pull in a whopping 100$ million combined, but what about other clubs and players that have yet to become as popular? Once again according to Forbes, players in smaller clubs can expect to make anywhere between 50$ thousand and up to 1$ million.


lksdanvlkansdlkvnlaskndvlnsadvlaskndvlkasndvlkasdlkvnlsandvsavsadvNow, what about less team centric sports, like golf, boxing, racing. Well, professional athletes in these sports can earn anywhere from a few to hundreds of millions of dollars. Do Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods, Schumacher?

So, if you’re considering on whether or not you should pursue a career as a professional athlete. Well, by all means, if you have what it takes and the dedication. And if you’re not, there’s always freelance work!…

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Frills Cake Shop

cakes, cake decorating supplies and cake decorating parties.

At Frills, we believe that cake design is an art and should reflect the attention,
detail and creativity that fine art and design exhibits. All of Frills’ cake designers are educated in the arts.
We can either work with your ideas or create something completely unique
to reflect the style of the event or person being celebrated.


Frills Cake Shop offers beautiful and tasty wedding cake design, as well as custom all occasion cakes.

Available daily, cakes and cupcakes from our seasonal menu are ready for immediate enjoyment.

If you are looking for a custom cake fast, stop in and pick up one of our “Quick” cakes,
and choose from ribbon and other simple decorations for a custom look in minutes.…

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